cookies. for breakfast.

and every day


I discovered that my favorite way to print blogs into books went out of business, and now I am not sure how to pull these bazillion pictures and posts offline and into books.

So I haven’t been posting because I don’t know how to get them off, because I don’t read blogs anymore and I am sure most people don’t, either. We all Instagram and Facebook instead. But where does a person write family moments?

Here I am. Writing moments. haha

I have been taking Real Estate classes and hanging out at my new agency learning as much as I can.

And then I am awake all night worrying about what to do with three/four children all summer while I try and work.

And I miss photography a lot.

And I miss Avery (so, so much) when he is at daycare.

And I am jealous of mom and dad who do all sorts of fun things with c2 while I am either studying, working (ish), or taking care of the baby.

I went through Claire’s backpack of end of the year school homework this morning. In all of her stories that she writes about, there is something about how I don’t play enough with her because I am taking care of her brother. Ugh.

So no one gets enough of me, and to top it off, I don’t get enough of them (or me!) either.

Do all of us feel this way or am I the only one who doesn’t know what to do/what is going on in my life/head/heart half the time? It is exhausting to be this confused all the time! Goodness.

Yesterday the kids and I played all day. I didn’t check my phone, I didn’t open my pile of text books, I didn’t do any chores.

I sat on Caeden’s bed while the older kids explained how to play Roblox to me and then triaged “Look Mommy!” for a few hours while they played.

And we played outside every moment it wasn’t raining.

And when I needed to make dinner, I kicked them outside to play some more.

Everyone went to bed pretty tired last night. Me, too.

And today we all have been busy sorting clothes, toys, picking up the yard, building Lego stuff, and taking pictures. Pictures. Oh how this makes me happy to see these kids on the other side of the camera.

No technology today except right now as they build a fort and I throw this online to say hi.

My once a month posting is a bit silly, but if only to keep storytelling, I’ll do it.



avery turns 2

Coconut cake with cream cheese frosting because he loves it.

Dogs on top because he loves them.

And I love HIM.


One tiny second from blowing out the candles.


Those eyes!

And a Bear kiss.

I didn’t pick my camera up once! Thank  you Grandpa and Grandma and Nana and Papa for snapping away.

What would we do without our phones?!


Aunt Lindsay and Uncle J’s gift stole the show. He loves it unlike any toy he has ever had!

(thanks for “musical noise” Lindsay. all i can say is that pay backs are hell my dear sister.) 😉


All the kids secretly disappointed that he didn’t get xbox games, dolls, or anything squishy. haha

Avery Allen Johnson at Two:

  1. addicted to the iPad because it can play all his favorite music (adele, still!) and games.
  2. loves to eat blueberries and anything off of anyone else’s plate.
  3. starting to get an attitude. throws toys and himself on the floor when he doesn’t get his way. The only child out of 4 going through the “terrible twos.” Up until now, I didn’t think they existed.
  4. being outside is his favorite thing to do
  5. construction trucks have coaxed a 5th word from him: “wow!!!”
  6. biggest cuddle bug (and that is saying something when we have claire bear to compare him to!)



it rained … and then it snowed


spearfish park with camera in tow


almost 2 hours outside until it started to rain.

sunburned noses because it was warmer than I thought, so we stayed longer than we planned.

mom + avery.

so glad the sun is shining.