{ Apple Tree } … To Live on a Farm

1. This week has flown by. Shoot after shoot after shoot. Too tired to even talk at night. But completely happy and in my element.

2. Celebration of our 16th anniversary.Went to Deadwood. Checked out the Lodge. Took a bath in a tub that I could literally float it. Wondered how to get one in my house. Still wondering.

3. Rarely a moment to really just stop and enjoy how wonderful it is to be here. So, this moment, out by the apple trees … was special. The chickens were out running around and Claire was chasing them saying, “Come heeeere chickennnnnnnns. Come heeeeeeere.” Never did catch them, did we Claire? Caeden had his John Deere tractor out here and just sat quietly while I said things like, “Don’t MOVE. Let me grab my other lens. Stay natural…!” Yes. Behind the scenes.

4. The air is crisp. Made plans to travel to California (Nik & John – here we come!) for Thanksgiving. Take the kids to the ocean as they have never been. Someone will have to drag me home.

5. Today I have two more shoots and somewhere in here, I still need to take family pictures of my family.

6. Grandpa and Grandma have handled absolutely everything since we have arrived. I haven’t had to worry about a thing as I have been working. They are such a blessing and I never miss a chance to tell the world how much I love them. Adore them. Appreciate them. Thank you Mom and Dad, for being the kids’ rock. Our rock. Our family. Love you with everything I am. Thank you.

7. As crazy as this week has been, I feel more like myself than I have in a long time.

8. I know Wayne and the kids feel the same way.

9. More on Tuesday when I’m home (editing like a mad woman).

10. Thank you for continuing to following along. I am so humbled when I look at the stats and see how many of you follow our story. Thank you.


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Cathy - September 27, 2010 - 2:35 pm

YOU! Are definitely worth following…xoxo

Valerie - September 28, 2010 - 10:44 pm

Love you Cat.

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