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Went to Casper to see my sister and her sweet little addition this weekend.

Oliver James is the prettiest little boy – and Lindsay, Jordan and Noah are all doing fantastic.

Lindsay is so calm and such a good Mom – I just watched her thinking, “I need to be like this. I need to be like this.”

Especially after Mom jokingly told me that she developed shoulder problems from visiting me when Caeden was born from being so careful (I was a crazed first time Mom. I laugh (now) at how uptight I was…)

Anyway. Besides crying all of my makeup off when we had to leave them, the weekend was full of joy.

I cannot wait for my own sweet little boy to arrive.

But in the meantime, more pictures of my only (willing) subject and some recipes if you’re in a rut (like me!).

Doesn’t this salad look yummy? Rainbow Chicken Salad.

Fall roasted veggie ideas here from Williams Sonoma.

Caprese Chicken Breasts.

Split Pea Soup (This recipe is fantastic – omit the french fried onions on top. Totally not necessary.)

Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Kale and White Beans

And this one is more for me than anything: Classic Wedge with Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing. I’m embarrassingly obsessed with needing to eat this salad, like pronto.



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Suz-q - January 27, 2014 - 10:07 am

YOU SAID IT YOU SAID IT!!! I hoped you were having a boy to even it out 😉 and to grow up so close to his cousins. Congratulations on both of the new “Nelson” boys.

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