avery turns 2

Coconut cake with cream cheese frosting because he loves it.

Dogs on top because he loves them.

And I love HIM.


One tiny second from blowing out the candles.


Those eyes!

And a Bear kiss.

I didn’t pick my camera up once! Thank  you Grandpa and Grandma and Nana and Papa for snapping away.

What would we do without our phones?!


Aunt Lindsay and Uncle J’s gift stole the show. He loves it unlike any toy he has ever had!

(thanks for “musical noise” Lindsay. all i can say is that pay backs are hell my dear sister.) 😉


All the kids secretly disappointed that he didn’t get xbox games, dolls, or anything squishy. haha

Avery Allen Johnson at Two:

  1. addicted to the iPad because it can play all his favorite music (adele, still!) and games.
  2. loves to eat blueberries and anything off of anyone else’s plate.
  3. starting to get an attitude. throws toys and himself on the floor when he doesn’t get his way. The only child out of 4 going through the “terrible twos.” Up until now, I didn’t think they existed.
  4. being outside is his favorite thing to do
  5. construction trucks have coaxed a 5th word from him: “wow!!!”
  6. biggest cuddle bug (and that is saying something when we have claire bear to compare him to!)



it rained … and then it snowed


spearfish park with camera in tow


almost 2 hours outside until it started to rain.

sunburned noses because it was warmer than I thought, so we stayed longer than we planned.

mom + avery.

so glad the sun is shining.


easter 2016

This little love. His first egg hunt. Must have been 30 degrees outside but nothing was stopping him from grabbing eggs and running after the girls.

(Caeden was struck with the stomach flu. Down and out on his favorite holiday of the year. ugh.)

This is about when Avery decides to start pillaging from Claire’s basket…

Yes. That’s her egg in his hand.

Yes the girls are in snow boots, weird coats, and pjs. No they haven’t brushed their hair.

(Nor do I have a single picture to prove they were dressed in their Easter best. None. Why? I don’t have a good answer for you.)

Avery sees Grace as a second Mommy. She really is a mother hen and is so good with Avery. Love.

There he is going in for another. Claire being a good sport and pretending not to notice. Grace can’t believe she’s letting it go.

Nana got a picture of me with Pete and two of the kids. It’s all I’ve got!

Easter brunch at Minerva’s has been a tradition since I moved here. The waffles. I swear to you, the waffles …

And a few of Avery NOT on Easter. Because it was warm outside and because I believe in taking them before the actual holiday because look what happens! Nothing good of us dressed up on the actual day.

Baskets for the girls = clothes, tiny American girl dolls, puppets, books, glittery swimming goggles, and a chocolate bunny.

Cade = xbox games, new bedding and clothes.

Avery = soft jelly cat bunny, a tractor, and Schleich animals (chickens and a chicken coop) to add to his growing collection.

(All the kids were sick at some point on this day but we won’t talk about that. Ready for sickness to be over!)

And … We need to find a church. It’s time. I miss it.



welcoming them home.