All three of my babies were this monkey on their first Halloween.

Avery above and Cade below.


(Sadly, my computer crashed and I lost all pictures in 2008 and 2009 so I don’t have Claire’s anymore. Ugh. Back your computer up. Better yet, PRINT your pictures.)

But trust me, she wore it, too.

Here she is in later years.

Pink nails and a pink tutu because she refused to wear the cupcake costume that I paid through the nose for from Pottery Barn with rush shipping so it would come JUST in time.


This was 2010 in Colorado. Her favorite candy back then was a sucker.



A Reminder


… of God’s perfect timing; never early, never late.




glitter in their veins


A mini, teeny-tiny window of pictures.

15 minutes of running around and 5 of sitting still.

A promise not to post “the one” as not to spoil Christmas cards.

I do what I am told.

(although the first is my personal favorite).




the key to friendship …


…you’ve got to find people who love the way you do.

175 days


Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.