gracey + her mama


Grace Mae and her Mom, Jamie.

A pretty sweet duo if I do say so myself.


this love

3 months

colic is all gone

eats hands and fingers

laughs and talks

almost rolling over

still sleeps in cradle

loves to be tickled

kicks non-stop in the bathtub

blows bubbles

holds my hand while nursing. always.

rubs his hand along my shirt back and forth back and forth to soothe himself

huge blue eyes

thighs i could eat

toes that i kiss

nickname: Fuss (it isn’t even true anymore)

has my heart and then some.



chocolate chip


Nutella mixed into chocolate chip cookie dough was our favorite culinary discovery this summer.

(The jury is still out on whether cherry or grape popsicles taste best.)


hunters & gogglers


roughly 940

I read somewhere that there are roughly 940 Saturdays between the birth of your child and when they leave home for college. So is that 940 weeks, too?

I am too sleep deprived to figure out if this number is accurate, but it sounds pretty damn close to me.

This weekend I spent a lot of time in tears.

Still cannot get into my jeans (I look at my old bras and jeans and wonder who this skinny vixen was and where the heck is she now?!), I question my role as a stay at home mom (back to school shopping has a way of jolting my checkbook into a dangerous zone – why for the love of Pete, was I not born into Royalty? Why did I not go to Medical School?!), I miss having friends (I rarely leave the house. Too much work.), I don’t sleep enough (but oh how I love my little cupcake in the wee hours of the night. It doesn’t faze me in the night – it’s the next DAY that kills me. Just ask the dark circles under my eyes), and I miss just … being me. Where did I go?

Back to the tears. This is all about me and I don’t want to lose focus. When I read something like 940 weekends and then my babies are gone, I start to think that maybe the baby weight, low bank account, and sleep deprived coffee breath that I am sporting … that maybe those are all small exchanges for them? Yes they are.

Guess it isn’t about me after all.

Most dangerous thing you have ever done: Kissed a Boy

Deserted Island … what do you bring to eat? Grapes

Unicorns or Horses? Both

I hear you singing in the shower … Yes. Call me Maybe

When you grow up how will change the world? I will be a Mommy since you didn’t make me a mermaid when I was born.

What color do you want to paint your toes? The rainbow.



Most dangerous adventure: Riding bike out of our neighborhood/street

Food you would take on a deserted island: tortilla chips

Unicorns or Horses? Unicorns

Song most likely to be singing in the shower: Call Me Maybe

What are you going to do with yourself when you grow up? School Teacher

Favorite color of nail polish: Pink