chalk boards for sale


Lindsay & Jordan are building amazing chalkboards. Any size. With a quote or not. Thin and thick frames.

This one is 3′x4′ and is $100.

A 2′x3′ is $70.

I am going to Casper for Thanksgiving, so if you want to order one or a bunch, I can bring them back for you!

Email Lindsay at linz.kalinowski ( – breaking it up so she doesn’t get spammed by computers that comb text for that purpose.

Or email me and I can forward orders to her.

So fun. Such a perfect gift (one for you one for them!)


the ins and outs of the every day … play a bigger part in who you are … than you’d ever dared to say





bebe j + 6 months


Avery Allen.

You love baths. Splash and then look at me to make sure I’m watching what a big boy you are.

You don’t sleep at night. You get lonely and just want me to hold you.

So I do. And then you sleep like a baby and I sleep like a Mom who has a baby.

You love to eat the combo of blueberry and apples. Protest loudly if I don’t keep it coming fast enough.

You will ride in the car happily for hours on end without protest. Best little buddy to run around with.

You sit up well. You also fall hard when I least expect it. Still spot you.

Everything goes in your mouth.

You commit to kisses with your mouth wide open.

You smell like lavender soap or tangerine/vanilla soap depending on the day.

(A baby has never smelled so good.)

You love your pacifier.

You can stop anyone in their tracks with your stare.

Long lashes.

Had your 6 month appointment today and you weigh exactly 16 pounds (14th percentile) and are 27″ long (67th percentile).

You knead the side of my back when you nurse and I’m always surprised that I don’t have bruises or scratches because your nails are always sharp, no matter how often we clip them.

You laugh when we play, “mommy is going to GET  YOU… and then tickle your sides, behind  your knees, under your arms …” You then wait for it again. And again.

I love you. Plain and simple and pure and true.

Love every little thing about you.

Love you.

Love. You.




the very last day of Fall


All three of my babies were this monkey on their first Halloween.

Avery above and Cade below.


(Sadly, my computer crashed and I lost all pictures in 2008 and 2009 so I don’t have Claire’s anymore. Ugh. Back your computer up. Better yet, PRINT your pictures.)

But trust me, she wore it, too.

Here she is in later years.

Pink nails and a pink tutu because she refused to wear the cupcake costume that I paid through the nose for from Pottery Barn with rush shipping so it would come JUST in time.


This was 2010 in Colorado. Her favorite candy back then was a sucker.