claire + second grade



We might be the last kids in the country to not be in school yet …

And just like every year, I take back to school pics a few days early because the morning of is usually so chaotic and the kids are nervous and not in the mood for pictures.


Here is bear in her favorite school dress.

Second Grade on Monday.

Her teacher is a doll and I love her already.

Here’s to my baby girl looking so grown up.


it’s a choice





16 months | daily life



loves to sweep, mop, and dust

loves when i sneak him the leftover Nutella off of the butter knife when making claire a sandwich

loves to be outside and tries so hard to keep up with the big kids

loves to play peek a boo, hide and seek, and roll the ball

likes to be naked and will run as fast as he can away from me if he sees me coming with a diaper

doesn’t speak a lot of words, but will say “hi” and “yeah!”

loves his daddy and chooses him over anyone else in the room (including me!)

gives hugs and kisses to us all day everyday – he is the biggest snuggle bug

is my sweet little boy, my sidekick, my fuss pot.

16 months looks like this.


ana | black hills children’s photographer | in the moment photography | family photographer


Little Beauty!






Papa Pete was married twice.

Once to my mother in law, Dallerie.

And again later to Robin.

That whole crew lives in California and we see them once or twice a year, max.

They just left South Dakota, after visiting for 10 days.

We did all the usual stuff like Mount Rushmore, Bear Country, The Canyon, etc.

But we did a whole lot of nothing, too.

Eating on the back deck, toasting smores at night, taking pictures, visiting, and watching the kids interact.

I wanted to share a few pictures of our time together and also to share the quote that sums up my take on family.

Find Your Tribe and Love Them Hard.

(Whether you are blood or not – makes no difference – when you find  your people, you better hold on tight and make sure they know how much they are loved. I’m a firm believer in loving big, loving with all you have.)

So anyway.

Let me introduce those you don’t know from left to right:

Tiffany (married to Ry’s brother, Evan), Ana (1 month younger than Avery), Evan (Ry’s brother), Paige (my sister in law), Claire, Grace, Pete (father in law), me, Avery, Rylan and Caeden.

My tribe is a lot bigger than this and I must say, one of these days, I would love a HUGE family picture with everyone included.

But today it was Papa’s family, and it was a good, good day.