This love

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When  you look at your life, your greatest happiness are family happinesses.

The other morning, Rylan said, “I still can’t believe we had Avery. Where did he come from?!”

And because I had just had the “birds and the bees” talk with Claire a few days prior, I jokingly said, “I’m sure Claire could tell you.”

To which she, as she is not one to recognize sarcasm, proceeded to regurgitate her newfound knowledge.

At 6am.

You have to have a sense of humor to get through this, I swear.


I can’t believe we had him, either.

Three babies.

Blessed and grateful.

And hoping the middle child learns to have a filter at some point.



hip hop


i said a

hip hop

the hippee

the hippee

to the

hip hip




more than just a game


Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off by being excellent. (someone very wise)


My little man who gets anxiety anytime there is competition.

Who has to talk about what the day is going to look like after school because there is practice and needs time to warm up to the idea.

Who said, “Oh GOOD!” when he learned he didn’t have a game this weekend.

Who worries about not being good enough.

Cade, I am incredibly proud of you for playing this year.

I know you are not comfortable competing, but are doing it anyway because you feel it’s good for you.

I just want to say again how proud you make me. This day, the next, and the next.

And if you decide at the end of this season that soccer isn’t for you after all, please know that I will support that, too.

You. Are. Enough.