A Reminder


… of God’s perfect timing; never early, never late.




glitter in their veins


A mini, teeny-tiny window of pictures.

15 minutes of running around and 5 of sitting still.

A promise not to post “the one” as not to spoil Christmas cards.

I do what I am told.

(although the first is my personal favorite).




the key to friendship …


…you’ve got to find people who love the way you do.

175 days


Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.

October + Our Little Neck of the Woods

Most everyone wants family pictures taken for their Holiday cards. For a “this is us in 2014″ visual. Right? A marker.

I get the wild hair 2 hours before these are taken.

Two hours prior we had Nana and Papa come over so they could snap a family picture of us.

We have to find the girls (playing outside catching bugs) and pry Caeden from his Xbox, and feed and dress and Avery.

I  haven’t showered. In fact, had not washed my hair in two days. Seriously, Valerie. This is how you roll?

Ry wanted to go into town and buy paint. Had things to do!


Every single one of them, perhaps sensing my desperation and one “no” from a total meltdown, agreed that a family picture was a GREAT idea.

Never mind the silly details of hygiene (or baby weight, ahem.).

The first portraits of the kids are mine. Some of Rylan, some of Nana and Papa with the kids, etc.

Then I put both cameras into “auto” and hand them to Nana and Papa and ask for them to just please get a picture.

And they totally did their part. Snap, snap, snap.

But do  you think we could pull it together for ONE picture? ONE?


We have lots of Claire falling, Grace looking everywhere but at the camera, Caeden not smiling, Avery yelling/talking/trying to plummet to the dirt road, me with my mouth open and eyes closed, and Ry looking … irritated.

So, in 100 pictures, there is some sort of combo of the above.

And not a single family picture where we had our act together.

Makes us laugh (sort of?).

I’m hoping to give it another go soon.

We’ll see.

But for now, here we are, in our individual glory.

Love to all you families out there doing this, too.

We are all in it together.


(my very favorite for no other reason that it’s real. i’m a fan of real. thank you nana…!)