humble and kind


Have you heard Tim McGraw’s new song, “Humble and Kind?”

It’s an open letter to your children.

I couldn’t agree more and cried when I heard it. It’s so good!

Love it.

I couldn’t find the video of it, but it’s on iTunes now.

Here’s a clip of him talking about it.



trick or treating | 2015


I was going for the whole “woodland” idea so Claire and Avery were owls, but Caeden held fast to the mobster costume and so there is no theme and I have apparently lost all control of this holiday.:)

Rylan’s mom found an old costume that she had made him for his freshman year. He wore it for awhile like a champ because the kids LOVED it (except for Avery who couldn’t figure out what was going on).

Grace was with her mom but we stole her the night before for a bit of trick or treating at the outdoor campus and then a movie … not the same as having her with us, but better than nothing.




Come Halloween, the wind chill around here freezes the fun right out of trick or treating if you aren’t sporting a coat.

Unless you live in the South. Or California. Or lots of places, probably.

But HERE we have snow, or wind, or cold – and darkness and probably no fall leaves on the trees.

But we refuse to let our southern friends have all the good pictures.

So, do it early. While the trees are pretty, the weather is tolerable, and before the kids are mad at you for wanting to take pictures on Halloween night when they would rather be stuffing their faces with peanut butter cups.

A friendly suggestion from me to you.

Do it before Halloween like your bossy photographer friend.

Just wait for Claire. She’s a snow owl. Totally works with Avery.

Caeden is a gangster from the prohibition era. Does not work with my owl thing. He reminds me it isn’t about ‘my thing.’

I’ll still get a picture, mind you. He might have the same size feet but I am still his mother and I can threaten better than any gangster.




seventeen months


17 months.

Loves tomatoes the most.

Likes to vacuum and “clean.”

Still gives the best hugs on earth.

Doesn’t say anything except “hi” and “mmmmmm (yum).”

Loves to go for walks and play outside.

Will grab my hand to walk around the house. Just because.

Teething something fierce.

Looks exactly like his father.

Loves exactly like his mother.




Ollie + Avery


Cousins born 3 months apart.

Ollie is loud. Avery is quiet.

Ollie is a sports prodigy. Avery … has my genetic handicap.

Ollie splashes in the tub. Avery sits quietly wondering why he hadn’t thought of that.

Ollie likes bread and butter. Avery likes bread and butter.

Ollie likes the wagon. Avery does not care. Get. Out. Of. The. Wagon.