Easy (well…parts were easy) Like Sunday Morning (technically afternoon)

It’s hard to tell, I know, but which one needed a nap?

She rallied for a picture eventually, though.

Cade. Such a good boy. Starting to be so self conscious. He approved of this photo to share (only).


Then there is my grass-eating, won’t look up, 9 month old cupcake.

And my handsome husband.

We ventured out yesterday for a shot in my foot (thank you, Doctor Johnson), and lunch (Mexican because when I said, “Baby, I don’t care where we eat. What sounds good to you?” … I was sending telepathic waves “Chips and Salsa. Chips and Salsa.” It worked!).

Then the park just before Fusspot came unglued and cried all the way home. It’s a long drive!

We remembered that scheduled nap times aren’t to be messed with. And then we sort of laughed …and then sort of went silent, like, “Where did this baby come from??!”

You know that moment don’t you? It fades into a daydream of margaritas on the beach because had you not had children, you would for SURE be living somewhere tropical without a care in the world.

But then you jump into the backseat, sitting on your 6 year old’s lap, trying to “shhh” the baby, while you will your blood pressure not to rise.

(Still worth it. He smells amazing.)





And then there is the holiday party we attended, where we all got to watch my husband tear up the dance floor with his version of the Macarena.

Never underestimate the power of a good belly laugh!

And then we finally watched Gone Girl.

I read the book and couldn’t wait for him to see the show so we could talk about all the levels of crazy out there.

Thanks to this movie, my husband will never look at me the same way again.

What?! Cool Girls really do not exist?! …Do you have a diary? What is your blood type again? … and then he slept with one eye open all night. haha






portable magic

circa 1975 to 2015.




picture a day





You have always lived in your own world. You come up for air and look around for awhile, but then, find your way back inside.

Tough as nails or passive and forgiving – I never can guess what coat you will choose that day – and this inside of  you, reminds me so much of me.

Your sister is your world and you wait for her to come home when she isn’t here. Counting the days, looking out the window, playing in her room because you miss her.

You tolerate Caeden as he helps me help you (he helps me find your hat, puts it on you outside the car at drop off because you can’t be bothered with the details of being warm when it is cold).

Smart. So smart. School comes easily and it shocks me how little I have to explain to  you because you get it. Quickly.

You talk about Wayne a lot. He is in your dreams, haunts your bedroom, and is in your prayers each night.

But no one flies into Rylan’s arms faster than you. Your love for him is pure and true and if anyone ever suggested he wasn’t your Dad, you would be confused, crushed, and defensive. I know because I have seen it happen.

You still haven’t lost any teeth and prefer to play alone when crowds of people are present.

You love Hershey Kisses, fresh fruit, and yogurt. You live on the latter two, actually.

Get hurt easily. Cry quite a bit.

Give yourself naps.

Answer to Bear.

Love BIG.

And are loved beyond measure.

You’re The One

Rubber Ducky, You’re the One.