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I came out of retirement for a 6am shoot with two pretty, pretty subjects.

Makes me think retirement should be just about over. I miss this too much.


the poetry


mom + dad

(This picture has nothing to do at all with today’s entry. Except it does. Thank you for being so good to Avery, Mom and Dad. There aren’t enough words to describe my gratitude for the way you love on him.)

Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad.

45 years of marriage.

mint + yellow and a 7pm wedding

always dave + donna and never just one or the other

best friends who truly enjoy doing (most) everything together

dad still gives mom ‘that’ look and calls her ‘don’ sometimes. I’ve never heard anyone else call her that – I love that he has a pet name for her.

she gets him better than anyone on this earth

They choose each other every single day.

they are role models to all who know them … and inspire me constantly to be a better person.

in a world full of divorce, their 45 years of marriage shines like the sun.

Like the sun.

I love you guys so much.

You’ll never shake me.





15 months today


Likes playing in the water if it’s with the hose. Not the pool.

Likes walking if it’s his idea. Not mine.

Likes snuggling and giving hugs all day. Except when he doesn’t.

Loves bananas and Qdoba chicken tacos. Or anything on someone else’s plate.

Loves to go for rides in the car, the cart, the stroller.

Six teeth.

Doesn’t talk. Except to say hi.

Is stopped constantly so people can tell him how beautiful he is.  (Because he really is!)




sun +









July 21st.