Best Part of your First Day at School:

Claire: I don’t know, but I was THIS close to getting into trouble for talking too much.

Cade: Seeing Claire walking out to the playground so I could stop worrying if she had a friend to play with or not.

Grace: Recess

(Cade, of course, is not interested in pictures, but rest assured, is alive and well.)

Catching Up


Spent some time in Denver last week for Ry’s (late) birthday.

Scored great tickets to see David Gray, and I have to tell  you, it was the best concert I’ve ever seen.

We saw him downtown at the Paramount Theatre and I still think about it.

Have you heard his new album? There are so many good songs, but Birds of the High Artic is my current favorite. Haunting. (And Snow in Vegas. Oh so good.)

The One I Love was the song playing when we cut our wedding cake. Man, I have a soft spot for that man.

We went to Snooze for a late breakfast. I miss that place. What I wouldn’t give for a breakfast taco or pineapple pancake right about now.

Shopped a little bit, but ended up just coming home with t-shirts for the kids from Peek. BEST graphic tees – and so incredibly soft. (Thanks, Shelby, for the shopping tip!)

Went and saw my house in Parker. The trees are so tall that I just can’t believe it’s the same yard. It feels like it all belongs in a different lifetime.

Celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on Saturday. Didn’t do a thing and somehow that was just fine with us. Tired. So tired.

The kids started school this week.

Claire was as calm as a cucumber, and Caeden was nervous about everything. Where would he find his friends? Where should he go on the play ground? Did I add money to his lunch account? What if no one likes his glasses?

When I picked them up from school, Claire told me that she was “THIS close” to getting into trouble for talking too much. Very much Claire.

Caeden said the best part of his day was looking out his classroom window and seeing Claire walking out to the playground with someone. He said he knew he could quit worrying about if she had a friend once he saw that. Very much Caeden.

Grace’s Grandma came into town for her first week of Kindergarten and so she’s been at her mom’s house all week but we were able to walk her to class on her first day. She was ready – and has been forever.

I’m a very proud Mom!

Avery is a baby being documented with mostly iphone pictures. I wish I was better about taking them with my real camera. Maybe soon.

I’m pretty sure no one reads this blog anymore, but if you do, don’t mind me as I just try and document all I can. It’s all going so fast.




gracey + her mama


Grace Mae and her Mom, Jamie.

A pretty sweet duo if I do say so myself.


this love

3 months

colic is all gone

eats hands and fingers

laughs and talks

almost rolling over

still sleeps in cradle

loves to be tickled

kicks non-stop in the bathtub

blows bubbles

holds my hand while nursing. always.

rubs his hand along my shirt back and forth back and forth to soothe himself

huge blue eyes

thighs i could eat

toes that i kiss

nickname: Fuss (it isn’t even true anymore)

has my heart and then some.



chocolate chip


Nutella mixed into chocolate chip cookie dough was our favorite culinary discovery this summer.

(The jury is still out on whether cherry or grape popsicles taste best.)